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January 2023

KernelCI at FOSDEM 2023

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Taking place February 4th and 5th, FOSDEM is a fantastic event organised “by the community for the community” in Brussels, Belgium, Europe. FOSDEM provides Open Source communities a place to meet in person.

The KernelCI initiative is delighted to be present at FOSDEM 2023.

Testing is recognized by all to be critically important for Open Source communities at large, and not enough is being done. The KernelCI initiative (a Linux Foundation project) intends to change that.

During the weekend of FOSDEM 2023, please keep testing in mind throughout the conversations you will be having with peers and members of the community.

Remind yourself and your interlocutors of the importance of testing and the existence of the KernelCI initiative.

Find out more about KernelCI

Mission statement:

Interested to see your tests ran by KernelCI natively? Here is how to get started with KernelCI.

You already have your own automated execution of tests and would be interested/willing to contribute your results? Please see the KCIDB submitter guide.

You can find the catalog (yaml file) of the tests integrated today here. Some of the most notable test suites reporting today: bpf, kselftest, ltp, perftool, podman, Redhat’s test suites, stress-ng, syzkaller, xfstests, and many more.

If you would like some help, please reach out to the KernelCI community:

Members of the KernelCI Advisory Board (AB) and Technical Steering Committee (TSC) will be present in-person at FOSDEM 2023. Many will be in the Testing and Automation devroom (Sunday morning in room UB4.132).

Looking forward to meeting as many as possible in Brussels, February 4th and 5th 2023.

A case for DAG databases Correlating revision history with CI results

  • Track: Graph Systems and Algorithms devroom
  • Room: K.4.601
  • Day: Saturday
  • Start: 12:00

Growing a lab for automated upstream testing: challenges and lessons learned

  • Track: Testing and Automation devroom
  • Room: UB4.132
  • Day: Sunday
  • Start: 09:30

Rethinking device support for the long-term

  • Track: Kernel devroom
  • Room: UA2.220 (Guillissen)
  • Day: Sunday
  • Start: 16:30