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May 2023

Request for Proposals: UX Analysis 2023

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The KernelCI project runs thousands of Linux kernel tests every day, generating a huge amount of data to help the community identify issues and trends. One way to communicate all this is through a bespoke web application that truly embodies the kernel community’s use cases. This Request For Proposals (RFP) aims to be an initial investigation to understand how the User Experience (UX) of the Web Dashboard could look like based on a set of user stories compiled by the KernelCI team.


We’re expecting vendors to submit a fixed-price proposal showing the total costs for the different phases they plan for the project. Optional or extra phases can be included as well. The vendors have autonomy to propose a process for the iterative feedback roadmap. Payments would be made by the Linux Foundation using the project’s own budget.

Sending proposals

Please take a look at the full RFP-UX-Analysis-2023-v2.pdf document for all the details. Proposals should be sent by email directly to the project members.

The deadline for responding to this RFP is 10th July 2023, six weeks after it has been made public. Then the KernelCI Advisory Board of Members will vote on the 24th July 2023. Exact dates might be subject to change in case of a major practical issue or unavailability of voting members.

Edit: Following a surge in last-minute queries, the timeline has now been extended. The new deadline for submitting proposals is 24th July 2023 and the advisory board is planning to hold a vote on 9th August 2023.